What is the difference between the four collections of hair extensions?

All of our hair extensions are made of premium quality 100% Russian remy human hair. The difference between each set is the length and thickness as follows:

Vixen Collection

- 7 piece set
- Total weight of 150 grams
- Total length of 16”

Diva Collection

- 7 piece set
- Total weight of 150 grams
- Total length of 20”

Bombshell Collection

- 10 piece set
- Total weight of 250 grams
- Total length of 24”

Goddess Collection

- 10 piece set
- Total weight of 300 grams
- Total length of 20”

Which collection is best for me?

It is always important to select a set of hair extensions based on your hair type to help you achieve the most natural blend. For example, the thicker your hair is, the thicker set of extensions you’ll need to make it blend and to avoid having a “stringy” or an unnatural appearance. For thin/ finer hair types, selecting a collection with a lighter weight will help your extensions look and feel more natural. If you have shorter hair, or a blunt cut it is ideal to go for our thickest set to ensure there is enough hair and wefts to work with to create a seamless blend.

If you are still unsure of which collection is best suited for your hair type, please feel free to contact us at info@loxxhair.com and we will be happy to help.

Do you offer curly/ wavy hair extensions?

Loxx Hair Extensions come pre straightened however, because they are of Russian origin they do have a a slight wave once dampened and allowed to dry naturally. Feel free to rock your LOXX au naturel for that perfect “beach" look, or heat style them as desired for tighter or more polished curls.

How do I choose the right colour?

LOXX HAIR extensions are available in 18 different colours ranging from jet black all the way up to platinum blonde. Our extensions are coloured using a multi-tonal adapt system meaning there are subtle variations in colour giving the shades dimension and depth. Using this method ensures that your extensions will blend with your natural hair even if the shade is slightly different.

If you are in-between shades, we recommend selecting a lighter colour and having them professionally coloured darker to achieve a perfect match. If you have highlights or an ombre/ balayage we would recommend selecting a colour that matches the lightest shade in your hair and having a professional colourist add lowlights or the darker colour as necessary to blend.

If you are still unsure of your colour, please send us an email with a photo of your hair in natural lighting to info@loxxhair.com and we will be happy to help!

I am looking for a permanent extension, which one is best suited for me?

Permanent hair extensions are an excellent option for those who lead a busy lifestyle and still desire to have luscious LOXX 24/7. Our permanent extensions are available for two different application methods depending on your hair type and needs. It is always recommended to have your permanent extensions installed by a trained professional. With proper maintenance all of our permeant hair extensions are reusable.

TAPE in extensions are incredibly discrete as they lay extremely flat to the scalp. This method of extension is particularly ideal for those with finer hair types. Our tape in extensions come in an 18” set of 40 pieces with 180 grams of hair for optimal fullness and coverage.

WEAVE in extensions can be used in multiple application methods making it one of the most versatile permanent extensions available. Weave in application methods are generally designed to maximize density. Our weave in extensions are 20” in length and 180 grams in weight


Can I wash my LOXX HAIR extensions and how often?

Yes! You can wash your LOXX HAIR extensions however since hair extensions do not receive any natural oils from your scalp like your own hair, they do not need to be washed as often. The less you wash them, the longer they will last you.

CLIP IN hair extensions only need to be washed when there is a heavy product build up and become difficult to style or unmanageable. It is essential to only use salon quality sulphate, alcohol and paraben free hair care products to ensure the longevity of your hair extensions. We recommend you try to avoid using shampoo on your extensions as it will strip them of any moisture, unless there is an excessive product build up that needs to be dissolved. After washing it is important to rehydrate your extensions using a moisturizing conditioner or hair mask. Once your LOXX extensions have been rinsed apply an oil treatment (we recommend Moroccan Oil) and/or a leave in conditioner and lay flat to dry. Whenever possible avoid using a blowdryer.

PERMANENT hair extensions should be washed a maximum of 1 to 2 times per week as they do not receive any natural oils from your scalp like your own hair does. We recommend you avoid applying shampoo directly to your LOXX HAIR permanent extensions unless there is an excessive product buildup to avoid stripping the hair. It is essential to apply conditioner in vertical motions every time the extensions get wet to keep them hydrated. Once your extensions have been rinsed apply an oil treatment (we recommend Moroccan Oil) and a leave in conditioner while still wet. Applying an oil treatment to the tips of the extensions daily or as needed will also keep them hydrated.

Please note, all of our hair extensions dry with a slightly natural wave due to the Russian ethnicity. It is normal for them not to dry straight.

How do I store my LOXX HAIR extensions?

To maximize the longevity of your LOXX HAIR extensions it is recommended to store them in our Loxx Hanger and Carrier set as it will ensure safe storage to prevent tangling.

Can I swim with my LOXX extensions in?

If you are wearing LOXX HAIR clip in extensions it is highly recommended to remove them before swimming as salt or chlorinated water can cause them to dry out. If it is not an option to remove your clips ins or if you have our LOXX HAIR permanent collection installed, we would recommended coating your extensions in an oil treatment (we recommend Moroccan Oil) to create a protective barrier between your hair and any harsh chemicals or minerals found in the water. We would also recommend styling your hair in a high bun in order to avoid contact with salt or chlorinated water whenever possible.

Please note, if your extensions come into contact with any harsh chemicals or minerals found in pools, beaches, lakes etc. it is critical to rinse them and apply a salon quality deep conditioning treatment to restore the moisture.

Can I exercise with my extensions in?

Yes! You can exercise with your LOXX HAIR extensions in however we would recommend wearing them in a braid to avoid tangling.

If you have LOXX HAIR tape in extensions installed, it recommended to avoid steam rooms or other hot moist environments.

Can I sleep with my clip in extensions in?

It is not recommended to sleep in LOXX HAIR extensions, however if removing them is not an option it is recommended to loosely braid your hair to avoid tangling and minimize discomfort.


LOXX HAIR extensions are designed with a fabric finished weft in order to minimize shedding however it is normal for all extensions to experience some shedding particularly the first few uses.


On average LOXX HAIR clip in extensions will last between 6 - 12 months however with proper care and maintenance many of our clients are finding their clip ins last substantially longer.


Remy hair is the highest quality of hair available. This means that the hair in each kit is from one donor and that all of the cuticles (surfaces) of the hairs are going in one direction, which will make them last longer, stay softer and tangle free.


All of LOXX HAIR extensions are made of 100% human hair that is premium grade European Russian hair as it is softer and less coarse than other ethnicities of hair, therefore it blends easily with more hair types.


Russian Remy hair naturally has a soft and silky texture therefore requiring the use of little to no silicone, unlike coarser hair types requiring a heavy silicone coating to create the false illusion of softness.


All LOXX HAIR clip in extensions are made with small pressure sensitive clips that are silicone lined for maximum comfort and discretion.


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